Our Team

Antonia De Boer, Executive Director

Antonia joins Niteo as a passionate problem solver, energized by collaborative conversation and wholehearted action. She brings experience in the nonprofit sector and a master’s degree in Cross Cultural Studies. Antonia believes in Niteo’s strategic model of international partnership, addressing the complex challenges of global poverty and injustice through local-global relationship and cooperation.

Karine Veldhoen, Founder and Board Chair

Karine Veldhoen, M.Ed., is the founder of Niteo and a creative force in education. She’s also the CEO/Founder of Learn Forward, a former Education Consultant for Fresh Grade, and a modern day pilgrim.

Learn Forward™ represents a lifetime of professional study, action research, and meaning-making within the context of education. Driven by her passion for making a difference in the lives of others, Karine’s been exploring the most important journeys of children through serving as the Chief Learning Officer at Willowstone Academy for 10 years and as an educator for over 20 years.  

Jamie Henderson, Board Member

Jamie Henderson first joined Niteo in 2011 and has served in multiple roles in the past decade. She has been on the Niteo Board for 7 years, served as the Interim Executive Director in 2021, and authored Niteo’s micro-credential, Leadership in Literacy.

Jamie has a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in religion. Her brain is always percolating on how to sustain equitable, just, and joyous communities. Jamie has been a middle school teacher, community organizer, organic farmer, and an electrical apprentice. She believes everyone deserves the same opportunities she was fortunate enough to be born into and knows that the ability to read is an essential key to unlocking those opportunities.

As an avid reader, Niteo’s words “Open Books, Open Doors, Open Minds” ring true in her life.

Shandrea Tesoriere, Board Secretary

Shandrea is a passionate educator. From a young age, she explored the world through books. Her journey with Niteo Africa began in 2015, as she was searching for a travel experience more meaningful than that of a traditional tourist. The strength and resilience of the Niteo partners opened her eyes and heart, inspiring her to give more, do more, and be more. Serving as an educator and humanitarian gives her an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children both locally and globally. “I believe that literacy and education are the key to promoting peace and understanding, and giving children the chance of a bright future.”

Bruce Merrifield, Board Member