Pader Literacy Centre

Working with our friends at Hope North


  • Pader is a town in Pader District in the Northern Region of Uganda. The town is administered by the Pader Town Council, an urban local government. It is the largest metropolitan area in the district and the site of the district headquarters.
  • Our good friend Okello Kello Sam's Mother has this center as part of her property.
  • The building has two sections that are connected by a breezeway. This shaded outdoor space is great for sitting and reading a good book with a friend.

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Pader Literacy Centre

Stories from the Centre

While in Pader, Discovery Team 2017 was lucky enough to be included in the grand opening celebrations.  A long time friend of Niteo, Okello Kello Sam of Hope North was born and raised in Pader and this centre is near and dear to his community.  The celebrations included dancing, singing, blessings and speeches by local officials, elders and many children.  The children were given soda as a very special treat!