Odek Literacy Centre

Working with our friends at Hope for Humans


  • The Odek Literacy Centre opened in 2015
  • The grand opening was attended by the King of the Atcholi Tribe
  • Hope for Humans exists to provide dignity, comfort, safety and hope to children afflicted with Nodding Syndrome and their families.

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Odek Literacy Centre

Stories from the Centre

The literacy centre in Odek was established with the humanitarian organization Hope for Humans in 2015.  Kenneth is the dedicated teacher and he is supported by Betty & Miriam (the main caretakers) and a large, eager team to support them.

On our most recent visit to the Odek centre, we helped the team organize their library more efficiently.  They were taught to place the books right side up with the spines facing outward and to place the books most suited for younger children on lower shelves for easy access.  We also gave them permission to discard or give away books that are ruined or not relevant.  The harsh conditions in Uganda leave some books very dirty with pages stuck together or partially eaten by bugs.