Mukono Literacy Centre

Providing tools for the community to break the cycle of poverty


  • In addition to the Literacy Centre, this demonstration farm teaches the children to grow food and raise chickens.
  • Comfortable seating, inside and out, invite the community to sit together and enjoy a good book.
  • Lee is the Niteo Partner and Tina is the dedicated Librarian.

Center Info

Mukono Literacy Centre

Stories from the Centre

The Mukono Literacy Centre was established in 2016.  Lee, our Ugandan partner, was able to quickly and efficiently get the container repaired, painted and moved to the Mukono Demonstration Farm property.  At this centre we noticed that the books had been extremely well organized into genres. ie. magazines, text books, chapter books etc. The rules are clearly posted and the children are very respectful, always removing their shoes and putting books away where they belong.

On the 2017 Discovery Team visit Shandrea had the opportunity to teach an older child how to sit with a younger child and engage them in a good book.