Kawanda Secondary School Literacy Centre

Setting the pace for a future of global literacy.


  • Transitioned from Ntinda’s Eva Ruf Resource Centre
  • Opened October 2012
  • Led by teacher in charge, Muhammad Ssekimuli
  • Prospective pace setter program

Center Info

Kawanda Secondary School Literacy Centre
Kawanda, Uganda

Stories from the Centre

Rebecca Ssacihge was last years library leader, in charge of opening up and closing the library, organizing books and keeping a log.

When I went to visit Kawanda and toured the classrooms I was overjoyed when I asked the students if they had read anything cool from the literacy centre this week. It wasn’t the fact that they all raised their hands when asked, but instead that they all proceeded to shout out their favourite books: “Junie B Jones! The Baby Sitter’s Club! Animorphs!” all books provided to them through their Niteo literacy centre

I read over 30 books this term, my favourite book is the figure in the Shadows. The books in the literacy centre have inspired me to write, and so far I have written two novels. I want to see mermaids and fairies”

Rita “You can get anything you want in your own future, I want to be a lawyer” Her favourite book is about a girl in secondary school who’s best friend falls in love with and steals her boyfriend. her friend Kim pipes up “sounds like you Rita” the girls laugh.