Jinja Literacy Centre – Danida

Partnering with our friends at Grassroots Uganda


  • Grassroots Uganda is an NGO that exists to empower women in slums and rural areas of Uganda.
  • Jinga is a town in southern Uganda famous for being the source of the Nile River.
  • Recent Trend: More parents are coming into the centre, interested in what the children are learning.

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Jinja Literacy Centre – Danida

Stories from the Centre

David is the teacher at the Danida centre and is extremely dedicated, great with the children and connected with their families.  He is not only attentive to their educational needs, but social and emotional as well.

David says, “more of a counseling centre at times…” “you know when they come they need to hold your hands”

Having access to books has allowed the children to start questioning, wondering and dreaming.  “So when they come to read the books, it opens their minds; they’re like “what is happening? why is the book saying this and at school they told us this?” David explains.