Jinja Literacy Centre – Walakuba

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Jinja Literacy Centre – Walakuba

Stories from the Centre

This centre was the established through the efforts of  women’s initiative through Grassroots Uganda, which exists to empower women in slums and rural areas.  These ladies saw the positive effects of the library in Danida and set out to open one in the community of Walakuba.  Funded through money raised at a funeral and the sale of handmade beads, the ladies coordinated the set up.  All they needed was books!  They made a formal request through Lee at Grassroots Uganda to see if Niteo would be able to fill their shelves.  Of course we said yes!!!  200 boxes of books were transported to their new community library.  As they say…”the rest is history.”

Peter is the teacher at the Walakuba centre.  He is known for being calm, kind and patient.  When we pulled up with him in the car, it was evident that the children adore him.  The kids were running towards the car calling “Teacher! Teacher!”