Gulu Literacy Centre

A centre focused on building community.


  • Opening ceremony July 2014
  • Beautiful property, a site for community development. Bringing the village together with projects like women’s classes.
  • Led by our Ugandan partner, Okello Kelo Sam

Center Info

Gulu Literacy Centre
Gulu, Northern Region, Uganda

Stories from the Centre

After the ceremonies of the centre opening, there were children playing out front after school.  The centre was quiet, but the children were lively!  We invited them in and as soon as we did, there were more!  Soon we were settled and listening to story time with Executive Director, Karine Veldhoen.  The power of the actions, the repetitive text, and the animals captured the children’s imagination and soon we were all communicating, laughing, and playing with words and language together!  It truly was “magic” of books moment.