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4th Annual Stone Soup Gala

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May 27th – Book Drive to Stop the Summer Slide

February 18th, 2017 – 3rd Annual Stone Soup Gala for Literacy

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Stone Soup Gala 2017

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February 1-28th, 2017 – Month of Love

What do we really need vs. what do we want? This question is the foundation for Month of Love, a movement where groups agree to give up one want for the month of February. The money saved is donated to an organization of their choice, which helps others who may not have enough to meet their own basic needs.

The Month of Love challenge was developed by Rhonda Draper, a teacher in the Kelowna School District, after her trip to Uganda with Niteo in 2010. Niteo was foundational in the development of Month of Love, as Rhonda describes,

my involvement with Niteo inspired me to develop a fundraising initiative that would develop a social conscience in the children who participate. Niteo seeks to educate children in both Canada and abroad, Month of Love is a way of doing so.

In Month of Love’s first year, Rhonda’s school, Glenmore Elementary in Kelowna, participated and donated the money to Niteo. By giving up one want for a month, students and families raised $13,000. The money bought the Glenmore Elementary Book Mobile, which delivers books to schools in and around Kampala, Uganda.

The movement continues in February, 2017 ~ Support Niteo and join the month of love challenge with your school, business, or as an individual at www.monthoflove.caMonth of Love


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