About Us

2007: NITEO was founded by Karine Veldhoen and a team of individuals committed to reciprocal partnerships in Uganda. 

2010: NITEO became a registered charity (Niteo Africa Society) in Canada. 

2018: Between 2007 – 2018 NITEO launched 12 literacy centres and sent over 99 US Tons of books to Uganda. These books have landed in the hands of many children, schools, and communities beyond the reach of these 12 centres as our partners have further distributed books

2019: NITEO’s micro-credential Leadership in Literacy was produced and delivered to over 50 educators and community partners. 

2020-2021: NITEO went on a hiatus and focused on sending emergency micro-grants to partners in Uganda

2022: NITEO hired it’s first full-time Executive Director, Antonia De Boer, to lead this strategic relaunch season

2022: NITEO launched a Kelowna-based local program: Story as Community. Five 6-8 week sessions of this family reading program for newcomer and refugee families ran at the Kelowna Downtown and Rutland branches of the Okanagan Regional Library. 

2022: Happy Times Child Care Initiative library opened!

2022: Niteo Africa UBCO Student Club was formed

2022: NITEO shipped its 10th sea-can of books to Uganda.  


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